7″x5″ Snap Nameplate Frames for Doors or Walls



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Wall or Door Mounted Snap Name Plate Frames

A unique sign solution for office name plates, directional signs, or anything that needs to be communicated by using a wall or door sign.

The cylinder clasps snap open to insert a 7″x5″ nameplate or sign and snap shut to secure.
Order personalized office name plates

Includes 4 pre-drilled holes and can be hung vertically or horizontally using screws or two-sided peel and stick adhesive strips, which are included.

1-5 Frames: $16.05 each
6-9 Frames: $14.95 each
10-24 Frames: $13.85 each
25-49 Frames: $12.45 each
50+ Frames: $11.65 each

(Price does NOT include personalized name plate )

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