Cubicle Nameplate Holders 

Holders Slide Easily Over Any Cubicle Wall

Durable metal in many color combinations!

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  • office snap sign

    11″ x 8-1/2″ Snap Name Plate Frames for Cubicles

  • cubicle snap sign holder

    6″ x 4″ Snap Name Plate Frames for Cubicles

  • office snap sign

    7″ x 5″ Snap Name Plate Frames for Cubicles

  • glass cubicle nameplate holder

    Glass Cubicle Name Plate Holders

  • custom nameplate for office

    Name Plate Holder Frames for Cubicles

  • cubicle nameplate holder

    Single Colored Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • Single Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • Custom Cubicle Sign with Name Plate Holders

  • Double Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • Triple Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • Quadruple Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • cubicle slider nameplates

    Two-Sided Cubicle Nameplate Holders

  • Cubicle Slider Signs and Name Plates with Custom-Printed Text -

    Cubicle Slider Signs or Name Plates -10″ x 2″


See How Over-the-Cube Nameplate Holders Work

Professionally Display Employee Names or Office Signs with Over-the-Cube™ Nameplate Holders.

Slide-over any cubicle wall
Easy to move and change, never damaging the fabric.

Slide-in standard, personalized nameplates
8″ or 10″ wide and 1″ or 2″ tall.

Dozens of color combinations
Coordinate with your workspace and create a striking display.

Heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum
Scratch resistant cubicle holders last for years.

Cubicle nameplate holders in many colors and sizes are made of durable, scratch-resistant metal to move and reuse over and over.


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