Combo Cubicle Name Plate Sign Holder and Whiteboard


Over the Cube™ nameplate sign holder and whiteboard for cubicle walls.

A simply brilliant use of cubicle space – employee name sign on one side, and a whiteboard on the other. 

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Made of durable aluminum that is scratch-resistant, with a brushed aluminum finish that looks great in your office.

IMPORTANT! Measure the thickness of your cubicle wall to get an exact fit. Call to order if your cubicle size is not listed or if you are unsure how to measure correctly. All Over the Cube products are made-to-order, custom-sized, and therefore are NOT RETURNABLE.

High-Quality * Made in the USA * Fast Shipping * Affordable * Quantity Discounts


Combo Cubicle Name Plate Sign Holder and Whiteboard

A professional look to keep the office looking great! They easily slide over the top of your cubicle wall, with no pins or Velcro™ needed. Move them around as much as you need.

One side has a sign holder for a personalized employee nameplate that displays on the outside of the cubicle wall.

The other side has a large, magnetic dry-erase board for use inside the cube. Efficient and affordable.

Customized nameplates are not included. Order here

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