Kit with Printable Paper Name Plates & Metal Holders – 10″ x 3″


Convenient kits with everything you need to print and hang 10 nameplates.  

Print custom nameplates right from your office printer!

Kits includes 10 paper name plates, 10×3 metal holders with your choice of backing and clear plastic inserts for protection.

These are ideal for offices on a budget or with frequently-changing employees or shared desk spaces.

Printing templates for Microsoft Word® ensures names and graphics align perfectly!


High-Quality * Made in the USA * Fast Shipping * Affordable

ITEM P719-103 & P867-103

10″ x 3″ Kit with Printable Paper Name Plates & Metal Holders

Kit Includes:

  • 10 metal name plate holders 10×3 size in black or silver
  • 10 paper name plates (5 perforated sheets with 2 nameplates each)
  • 10 clear plastic inserts to protect the nameplates
  • Adhesive tabs or cubicle pins for easily hanging on a wall or door
  • Contact us for custom nameplates and special requests.

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