New year, new marketing. Time to freshen up your workplace with Name badges and Nameplates from Whether you have re-branded your company or have the same branding as in the past, it is always good to display it on as many products as possible. This keeps your name, logo, and brand familiar to your customer, and will have them thinking of you when it is time for them to make their decision to purchase products or services from you.

The great thing about our nameplates is that we have a variety of colors and materials to choose from that will fit your brand. Aluminum nameplates are a beautiful way to make your office look and feel more professional. We have full color printing, so we can completely customize your nameplates and name badges. We also have tactile printing, which you can make your text 3-dimensional with. Tactile printing pops off of your nameplates and gives your print a really neat, next level status.

We carry a variety of sized perforated paper nameplates that you can print yourself and slide into a nameplate holder.


At we hand make each nameplates and holders to fit the needs of your office. We have created Over-the-Cube, which easily slides over cubicle walls or glass walls on your cubicle. You don’t have to worry about damaging your cubicles when using the Over-the-cube nameplates because they easily slide over your cubicle. Cubicles come in different sizes, so you will
have to carefully measure your wall so that we can hand make your over-the-cube nameplate holder to custom fit your walls.

Name badges are a game changer in any business. If you are dealing with different clients daily, it is always nice to have a name badge on. This makes getting to know someone more straightforward. Clients will feel more comfortable around employees that have their name displayed. Name badges look clean and professional. Another reason to have name badges on hand is if you ever go to trade shows, meetings, or travel to other offices. Having your name displayed, shows that you are passionate about what you are selling or working for.

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