Cubicle Name Plate & Holders Sets

Custom Cubicle Name Plates with Durable Metal Holders

Over-the-Cube™ holders with personalized name plates you can design online!

High-Quality  *  USA Made  *  Fast Shipping  *  Affordable Pricing  *  Quantity Discounts

Cubicle nameplates, signs and holders easily slide over any cubicle wall. Custom made for you!

Never Damage Cubicle Walls!

No Pins, Screws or Adhesive Needed

Slide-over any cubicle wall
Easy to move and change, never damaging the fabric.

Heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum
Scratch resistant, coated metal last for years.

Namplate holders for personalized nameplates
8″ or 10″ wide and 1″ or 2″ tall.

Cubicle nameplates, signs and more customized for you! Many colors, sizes and options for nameplates, holders, signs, whiteboards.


Our customer care team is ready to deliver exactly what you need.

Contact us with any questions, or to customize your nameplates in nearly any way you can imagine!

Office Hours:
Mon – Thurs 8am – 5pm ET
Friday: 8am – 3pm ET

More Cubicle Name Plates, Holders and Signs

Double cubicle nameplate, sign holder for 2 nameplates is ideal for lobbies and office signs, or dual-occupancy cubicles.

Cubicle Nameplate Holders

Single, double and triple nameplate holders are great for employee name tags or office signs.

Heavy-duty aluminum for lasting durability.

Dozens of color combinations for the nameplate holder and base.


Custom cubicle nameplates, signs and more easily slide over any cubicle wall. Durable metal is color printed and scratch-resistant to easily move anywhere in the office.

Custom Cubicle Signs & Nameplates

Custom-printed cubicle signs with names, logos, graphics and more. 

Easily slide over any cubicle wall, never damaging it. 

4 Sizes perfect for employee name tags or signs around the office.


Cubicle nameplate sign combination with nameplate holder and whiteboard. Easily slides over any cubicle wall and moves anywhere without damaging the wall.

Cubicle Nameplate Holder & Whiteboard

A combination nameplate holder and whiteboard for cubicles. 

One side has a changeable name plate holder for the outside of the cubicle. 

The other side is a full whiteboard – choose 8 x 10 or 11 x 17 size. 


Cubicle whiteboard easily slides over any cubicle wall and moves anywhere without damaging the fabric. Many sizes available. Made of durable metal that erases easily and is also magnetic.

Cubicle Whiteboards

Easily slide this whiteboard over any cubicle wall. 

Erases cleanly and is also magnetic.

3 Sizes available: 8 x 10, 11 x 17 and 18 x 24.


Table to whiteboard signs for offices, businesses, restaurants and more. 5x7 tent signs dry erase easily and are made of durable metal so they're also magnetic.

Table Top Whiteboard Signs

Display messages on countertops, tables and more.

Great for break areas, retail counters and lobbies. 

5 x 7 size is convenient and versatile. 


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