See What a Customer Says About our Cubicle Name Plate Holders

We sent a custom-made sample of our Over-the-Cube Nameplate for Cubicles to Bob Bessette at Cubicle Bliss a while back.

His comments were enough to make us smile for weeks!

“The first thing I noticed was that they were packaged really well.”

“The nameplate holders that were sent to me are made of aluminum, solidly-built, and have been bent into right angles to the proper dimensions based on my cubicle wall thickness. They asked me what the thickness of my cubicle walls were and the over the cube nameplate holders match that wall thickness perfectly.”

“If you are looking for a high quality nameplate for your cubicle, NapTags makes just that – a quality product.”

Read his full blog post: Represent Yourself Well with an Over the Cube Nameplate Holder 

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