Privacy Slider Signs

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ITEM P620: 6″ x 1″

ITEM P619: 10″ x 2″

Privacy Sliding Signs for Offices and More

Easily see if a private room is available or in use. The top plate slides left to show “Available” or right to show “In Use”. 

Privacy slider signs attach to a door or wall easily with a peel-and-stick backer. 

Durable metal sliding signs will last for years!

  • Sturdy aluminum base.
  • A peel-and-stick backer makes it easy to mount to doors or walls.
  • Choose a polished silver finish or a silver base with red “In Use” and Green “Available” sides.
  • Custom slider signs for offices are also available.


6″ x 1″ : 16.50

10″ x 2″ : 34.95

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