Double Cubicle Nameplate Holders



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Over the Cube™ – Double Cubicle Nameplate Holders

Easily slide over any cubicle wall, and slide in 2 nameplates!

Better than traditional cubicle name plates with pins or Velcro™, these cubicle nameplate holders always look great and never damage your walls.

Heavy-Duty, aluminum nameplate holders hold two standard 8″ x 2″ or 10″ x 2″ personalized nameplates. (not included)

Pricing for 8″ Cubicle Nameplate Holder
Holds two 8″ x 2″ Nameplates (not included)
Add $2.50 each for 10″ – holds two 10″ x 2″ Nameplates

1-5 Double Holders: $32.00 each
6-9 Double Holders: $28.95 each
10-24 Double Holders: $27.75 each
25-49 Double Holders: $26.75 each
50+ Double Holders: $24.50 each

(Price does NOT include personalized nameplate)

IMPORTANT: Measure the width of your cubicle wall and select below. Please call if you do not see your size listed.

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